Friends of Villa Maria Pia

In this section you can find the activities suggested by the staff of Villa Maria Pia



The Blue Service Diving Center offers its guests 20 complete equipment and rafts master 750. Diving in Alghero, particularly in the marine park of CapoDiving Blue Service Alghero Caccia \ Isola Piana is a unique and unforgettable, with its particular which gives rise to a large number of underwater caves and partially submerged, is a popular dive for experienced divers and definitely not to be missed.
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The Base Nautica Usai is located near the canal Fertilia, just 2 km from the international airport of Alghero. Infrastructure and technical equipmentsbase-nautica-usai ensure timely service and quality service with a location that offers a safe haven for small and large boats, in all seasons and weather conditions.
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Getting around

nolo biciFor all guests are available Bicycles Maria Pia.
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The Nolauto Alghero has distinguished its services into three types: Alghero car rental without driver, car rental service with driver and car and

nolauto-algheromotorbike rental Alghero.

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Water of Sardinia was born here, in this land of proud people, dynamic and lively. The idea came about thanks to all that Sardinia manages to offer: sea, acqua-di sardegnasun, summer evenings, but most unmistakable scents and fragrances.
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The Talisman Gold Artisan. Conceived as jewelry pieces and products with natural materials combined with a rich set of gold, silver and stones, craft il-talismanoworks, lively, colorful and unique. The jewelery workshop is well equipped and specialized in different techniques.
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